Announcing Respond, the Responsive Web Design Festival

When Brand Marketing blogs are writing about the importance of Responsive web sites, you know it’s mainstream. But here at Web Directions we very much believe we’re only beginning to understand the challenges, opportunities, and practices for the long promised multi-​​screen Web.

So, to help designers and developers deepen their knowledge and understanding, and foster conversations around modern Web design, we’re holding Respond, a two day “festival” of all things Responsive, in our hometown, Sydney, on February 4 and 5.

We’re incredibly excited to have the man who started the whole revolution, Ethan Marcotte, along with Jason Grigsby, and a whole host of local experts addressing a range of challenges and technologies as part of the one day Respond conference.

There’s also a whole day workshop by the renowned designer and developer Brad Frost, covering responsive patterns, and workflows.

Attend either day for $599, or the whole festival for just $999.

The response has already been fantastic, so don’t miss out, as it will come around soon enough with the New Year looming!

3 responses to “Announcing Respond, the Responsive Web Design Festival”:

    • By: Keith
    • December 21st, 2013

    I think this is a great idea! Our web designers in Raleigh NC are excited to hit 2014 head-​​on with responsive web designs! We love the concept of having a festival! Great idea!

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