Three must-see presentations which came out of Web Directions @media

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  • July 12, 2010
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After any conference we always do our best to share the love by creating a podcast and resource page for each presentation from the event. Apologies that it has taken a bit of time to get these out there this time – we’ve had the small matter of two more event sites to launch in the meantime – but you’ll be pleased to know we’ve made a start, and the ones we started with were three of the huge hits from what was an excellent bunch of presentations all round.

Hannah Donovan – Telling Stories Through Design

Hannah, the creative director at, gave a really insightful and generous presentation drawing from her experiences there and what she has learned about making the most of the role of the designer. Plus she had some great slides: be sure to check them out!

Relly Annett-Baker – All the small things

Relly’s candid, quickfire style made for one of the best presentations on content I have seen. Specifically, it’s on the topic of Microcopy – lots of take aways for just about anyone who creates web sites here.

Steve Souders – Even faster web sites

As always, web apps are evolving faster than the browsers they run in. Steve discusses the time-saving techniques used by the world’s most popular web sites to create a faster user experience, increase revenue, and reduce operating costs.

More coming soon!

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