Dmitry Baranovskiy – Raphaël: native web vector graphics library

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 15 2.40pm.

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Session description

As SVG and Canvas come of age, every developer who loves standards is wanting to use them in production to make eye-popping effects. But then they come up against the inevitable lack of support in IE6 to 8, and promptly give up the ghost.

Fear not! Raphaël provides a developer friendly API to create graphics that work in Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+. Yes, you read that correctly, IE6.

In this session Dmitry Baranovskiy, Raphaël’s creator will walk you through its possibilities and will open up new horizons for web graphics that will work in all almost every browser.

About Dmitry Baranovskiy

Dmitry Baranovskiy PortraitDmitry has over ten years experience in creating web applications. Having started as a back end developer, more recently he has changed his orientation to front end development and even pure design. These days he spends his working hours as Software Architect at Sencha.

He is also the creator of Raphaël, the JavaScript Library, as well as a Optimus, the Microformats transformer. At any given moment he is always working on three secret projects, though no one knows where he gets the time for any of this.

Follow Dmitry on Twitter: @DmitryBranovsk

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