Justin French – Pushing beyond design

A presentation given at Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 27 2007.

Presentation slides

Session description

You’re a great web designer. You craft beautiful interfaces, you’ve nailed standards based design, and you’re at the top of your game. So now what? Based on real world experiences, this presentation encourages you, the modern web designer, to ignore the title on your business card and to start thinking about your real role in the development process – what you have to offer, what your team really needs, and what you could do to dramatically increase your value on a daily basis.

About Justin French


Justin French PortraitJustin French is a graphic-designer-turned-web-application-developer currently enjoying life working with the Ruby on Rails framework on a daily basis as a Senior Developer at Melbourne startup RedBubble, following a few years with US host TextDrive and many years contracting both locally and internationally.

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