Pete Ottery – Designing for suits

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 8 1.40pm.

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Designing websites in amongst the “suits” and their business models, targets, projections and synergies (ha!) can be death by dot point. Or fun. What are manager types actually thinking when they brief (or don’t) you. How do you translate their KPI’s into interface designs that

  1. 1. get their point across & achieve their targets
  2. 2. contribute to a profitable business
  3. 3. are easy to use (who would have thought the users get a say! ;-)

Pete gets on their case, video camera in hand, to find out what they’re thinking.

*Suits = managers/clients/executives. Dedicated to the Billy Walsh character in Entourage

About Pete Ottery

Pete Ottery PortraitPete has been designing web sites for about 10 years. Having previously worked as the Head of Design at Fairfax Digital and Creative Director at Daemon, he is now working at News Digital Media as the Group Interface Designer. Recently he has been designing carsguide, truelocal, & He works directly with site owners and execs (the suits!) to help inform requirements and push product design boundaries. He is daily knee deep in photoshop concepts and html/css code.

Follow Pete on Twitter: @c41

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