Rob Mason – Pervasive computing

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 9 1.40pm.

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At Xerox PARC in the early 90’s Mark Weiser predicted a fundamental shift would move the user’s experience of computing away from the desktop and out into the “real” world. During the late 90’s the web brought the first wave of pervasive “anytime, anywhere” applications like search and webmail.

Over the last few years the mobile web has driven a fresh wave of networked applications like Facebook and Twitter that are being used at the beach, in the car and in bed. QR Codes, Wifi Access Points and 3/4G dongles are everywhere you look. “Pervasive” is a very accurate description.

What is driving this accelerating diffusion of networked technologies? How do you really measure or control how “pervasive” something is? Why would you even want to? We’ll introduce you to a practical framework for analysing and measuring your “spatial perception of an activity” and explore what it literally means for an application to be “pervasive”, in both an experiential and business sense. At the end of this session you’ll be able to clearly diagram the key change that’s driving this evolution and how it will impact your strategies for technology and business in the future.

About Rob Manson

Rob Manson PortraitRob has been modeling information architectures and innovation driven business models since 1989. Over the last 5 years his focus has been exploring how mobiles and service based APIs are changing our lives. He spends his time helping MOB’s clients and partners explore life after convergence – a place where objects and their interfaces diverge, allowing you to control them anywhere, anytime. He focuses on developing and exploring hands on, real world experiences with new networked technologies.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @nambor

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