Rob Mitchell & Mike Williams – Test your JavaScript

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 9 2.40pm.

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Increasingly, web-application behaviour is split between logic running on the server, and JavaScript logic running in the browser. Automated testing of the server-side component is fairly common, but too often the browser-side logic is left out in the cold.

Mike Williams and Rob Mitchell will explain why you should test your JavaScript code, what to test, and how to go about it. They’ll talk about full-stack browser-based tests, as well as true unit tests, and explain where each are appropriate. They’ll also discuss integration of your tests into an automated build, and you’ll leave with a burning desire to try it out on your own projects.

About Rob Mitchell

Rob Mitchell PortraitRob Mitchell was exposed to Agile Software Development in 2001 and since then has been a strong advocate of automated testing of software, allowing quick feedback. He has extensive experience in writing and testing web applications as well as leading teams to deliver quality software.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @rob_mitch

About Mike Williams

Mike Williams PortraitMike Williams has been developing software for about 20 years, in New Zealand, the UK and Australia. He became interested in eXtreme Programming and Test-Driven Development in 2001, shortly after moving to Australia, and has been promoting agile approaches to software development since then. Mike was an early contributer to Selenium, a popular web-application testing tool.

Follow Mike on Twitter: @woollyams

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