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What is the point of going to a conference?

“I actually remember when we ran our first conferences, around 2004, people asking in particular why anyone would come to a conference about the web, since they were all online and learning and connecting.”

The Bots are Coming

If you run a design agency in Australia, it’s not unlikely you’ve started thinking about how to use chat interfaces, conversational UIs and bots in your approaches to customer service for your clients. Summit 17 could be just what your team needs to understand the issues across the design and engineering disciplines, and how they apply to your work.

Video Ristretto: Checkout UX – Vitaly Friedman

Web Directions events are full of surprises, including this bonus talk from Respond 17 international keynote Vitaly Friedman.

In half an hour, the Smashing Magazine head honcho explores his own work with an ecommerce client to improve their checkout user experience.

On the Inevitability of Revolutions

John Allsopp considers the revolutions he’s seen, how they seem inevitable now (though maybe not at the time), and what’s the next revolution we can expect that will later seem inevitable. Remember Gopher?

Google’s AMP Roadshow is Coming to Sydney

Earlier this year we worked with Google to host a Sydney edition of their Progressive Web Apps Roadshow. They loved being here so much that they’re back with the related, once again free, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) roadshow in Sydney, on October 13th. Take me to the AMP Roadshow Site AMP is a technology to help boost performance and […]

Summit 17 – the Final Speaker and the Full Schedule

It’s all happening at Summit 17 – we have our final speaker (the inimitable Jina Anne), we’ve locked in the conference schedule, and we’re zeroing in on the close of our Super Early Bird (seriously good deals with hundreds of dollars off). Don’t miss this.

Summit 17 – Lo, the Product & Design Track

To complement the already announced Engineering Track of our Summit 17 conference, here are the details of the Product & Design Track – a pretty stunning program, you will agree.

(NB We do still have one more speaker to announce on Monday).

Summit 17 – Behold, the Engineering Track

We’ve so far announced eight Summit speakers, all important figures of international stature. We still have a detail or two to finalise in the Product / Design Track, but we can’t stand to wait any longer, so today we’re going to share with you the full program for the Engineering Track of Summit 17.

A Progressive Web Approach to a Networked Economy

Pre-industrial economies did not favour large scale, oligopolistic or monopolistic economic structures (power structures are an entirely different matter). The rise of industrial, hand in hand with what we now call “Capitalist” economies (the word is an invention of the 19th Century) economies saw the rise of oligopolies – think of the “big three” US […]

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I’ve been admiring the Web Directions events for years, and was honored to be part… What a fantastic event!

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