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Product://remote Session Spotlight: Design for Cognitive Bias: Using Mental Shortcuts for Good Instead of Evil by David Dylan Thomas

In the leadup to Product://remote we’re putting the spotlight on the 2 dozen fantastic sessions we have lined up for attendees. Design for Cognitive Bias: Using Mental Shortcuts for Good Instead of Evil By David Dylan Thomas Users’ minds take shortcuts to get through the day. Usually they’re harmless. Even helpful. But what happens when […]

Product://Remote–a brand new kind of conference for the online-only era

For 15 years Web Directions has held in-person events. Beginning with one a year as a side project, it became over time, several a year, across a range of areas of practice around designing, developing and delivering digital products and experiences (with an emphasis but not exclusively so) on the Web. And we’d like to […]

Product://remote Session Spotlight: What Do We Do Now? by Randy Silver

In the leadup to Product://remote we’re putting the spotlight on the 2 dozen fantastic sessions we have lined up for attendees. What Do We Do Now? By Randy Silver The philosopher Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” This year has punched all of our roadmaps in […]

Thanking Mozilla for their support of our diversity scholarship

For years we’ve offered diversity scholarships for our conferences, in an effort to do our own small part to address the lack of diversity of folks in our industry. One advantage of hosting online conferences is there’s no travel and accomodation to limit attendance (we’ve included support for these as part of our scholarships) and […]

Welcoming IBM as a technology partner for Code://Remote

IBM has been in the technology industry for well over a century. In many ways for a long time it was the technology industry. A key to that longevity is the ability to continue to evolve. One area I’ve focussed a lot of my thinking about in recent years is what we loosely call AI […]

Bugherd is helping us create a better online conference experience

Later this week several hundred people (or more) will be showing up for our first ever online conference. We’ve talked a little about our motivation for building our own conference platform, rather than using an existing service (past self I am cursing you right now!) but one thing we’re doing to really help us clean […]

Thanks to Fastly, our CDN partner for Code://Remote

When I first started developing for the web it was a pretty straightforward task. Sure we were still trying to work out how best to use HTML (then CSS, and later JavaScript) but we really didn’t worry much about builds, integration and deployment (editing in production was very much thing), let alone something as complex […]

A huge thanks to Auth0–our identity partner for Code://Remote

We had been running in-person conferences for many years, and had our systems down pat. And then all of a sudden we needed to completely change how our events worked, bringing them online, which came with a huge learning curve. On top of everything else, or maybe underneath everything else, we needed to build a […]

A huge thanks to Twilio, technology partner at Code://Remote

There’s little chance you’ve not used Twilio’s services, extensively, even if you aren’t aware of it, or even them. Their SMS, email and other messaging services are relied on by Netflix, Shopify, AirBNB and countless other companies to engage their customers. When we held in-person conferences (remember those days?) they helped us solve one of […]

A huge thank you to Platform.sh our hosting partner for Code://Remote

In early March this year, when the impact of COVID19 really dawned on us, and we realised we’d not be meeting in-person for some time to come, like so many other conferences we immediately started investigating how we could move our events online. We’d already decided we weren’t simply going to go into survival mode–online […]

Introducing Web Directions Product://Remote

A product design and management conference for a post COVID19 world Today we’re taking the covers off the program for our Product://Remote conference. Originally planned as a 2 day, 2 track in-person conference for Melbourne, combining our existing Product (for product managers) and Design (for product designers) conferences, Product://Remote will now take place across 4 […]

…and weeks in which decades happen

Today, I wanted to share a little on how Web Directions, a business which at its heart is bringing people together, has had to face the reality of COVID-19. Let’s just say the impact has been challenging, as it has been for so many, but it has allowed us the opportunity to rethink how we […]

Apply for a Diversity Scholarship for our upcoming conferences

If you or someone you know is from an under-represented group in our industry, and in the early stages of their career, un or under-employed, then we’re offering full scholarships to our remote conferences. Supported by Mozilla, applicants will be able to attend like any other attendee, learn and develop their capabilities, connect with their […]

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