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Announcing Our Culture ’19 program

we’re excited to announce the program for our 3rd annual Culture conference, Culture ’19, which will help you build, nurture and get the most from your teams and people. It takes place on Wednesday October 30th, the day before our Summit.

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From hiring to leading, communicating and providing feedback; creating inclusive high performing teams benefits your employees and your organisation. Culture helps you do all this, and more.

Who is Culture For?
Culture is for those responsible for creating team and organisational culture:

  • Design and Engineering leaders
  • Product Leaders
  • People and Talent professionals
  • Employee Experience professionals
  • HR and Culture professionals
  • Learning and Development Managers

What will we cover?

  • Patima Tantiprasut, former head of product at SevenWest Media looks at Designing inclusion into distributed teams
  • Emma Jones, CEO Project F, considers Gender Balance, and what is being done to solve the problem?
  • Andrew Murphy explores The power of saying “I don’t know”
  • Jen Mumford, Director of People & Culture at the fast growing SafetyCulture, shares how they are scaling, while trying not to break things…too much
  • Mayase, Senior Consultant Business Analyst at ThoughtWorks considers Diversity beyond Gender & Inclusion and beyond Tokenism
  • Renowned design consultant and author Gretchen Anderson helps us mastercollaboration – Making Working Together Less Painful and More Productive 

Plus stimulating keynotes and much more–10 big presentations in a very full day, 

Whatever your role in developing team and organisational culture, Culture is the best investment you’ll make in your professional capabilities this year.

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