Cameron Adams – The Man in Blue

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  • April 7, 2008
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He’s presented to rooms packed with some of the toughest audiences in the business at 66% of Web Directions Conferences, and survived the horrors of building a site with me as the client.

Cameron: Why have you used an anchor element with no content here when you could have added the id to the heading?

Maxine: Um, don’t we need to support Netscape 4? The last time I developed a web site we did….

And still he comes back for more by agreeing to hold his workshop The Frontiers of Javascript in both Melbourne and Canberra next month. Ladies and gentleman, the Man in Blue, Mr Cameron Adams

It’s hard to know what to say about one of the most well loved speakers ever from any of our conferences, but I’m thinking reminding you of my Top 3 from his back catalog is the way to go…

Such a list would have to start with The Graveyard of E – amusing enough on the first pass, but you truly get to understand the essence of Cam when you realise he didn’t actually have the fonts for most of the E’s in there, so he went and crafted them himself as vectors. Yes, while we mere mortals loll on the couch, jaws a-slack, watching re-runs of The Simpsons, this is what Man in Blue is doing.

Good Old CSS Scrabble – hours of fun for the whole family.

And, revealing his true nature, don’t let Easter pass you by again without putting in a few rounds of Bunny Hunt. Yes, while Cameron produces, we simply consume.

I kid myself that we have a bond as we both studied law but then decided that the LA Law lifestyle probably wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. But then I remember that Cam is probably too young to have even heard of the program.

Don’t be intimidated by his wicked dress sense, scary work rate and dry wit. Beneath all of that is a mere mortal, just like us, who loves nothing better than kicking back on the lounge to watch a documentary on Polar Bears over a nice cool glass of Baileys.

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  1. I believe the rest of your last sentence was: “while plotting world domination.”

    Just thought I’d confirm.

  2. The plot’s already written, Lachlan. I’m just waiting for the countdown to finish.

  3. Baileys? “Just like the rest of us” ?? Pah, you can stick your girly drink!