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Code Leaders ’19 Feature session: The Myth of the Senior Engineer – Cath Jones

As we countdown to Code Leaders ’19, our conference for engineers leaders, we’re highlighting great sessions you can expect.

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The Myth of the Senior Engineer

It’s not uncommon for teams to need to bring on additional talent to achieve tight deadlines and drive growth. Often these roles are advertised as “Senior Engineers”, and the skills list the ability to “hit the ground running”, “get in and get stuff done” or “start shipping features from day one.” However is this a realistic expectation or, are we setting our new employees up for failure?

In this presentation, Cath Jones will discuss the expectations placed on new technical hires with a focus on senior roles. She will guide you in examining the complexities of information that needs to be provided to an employee before they can contribute meaningfully to your organisation, and demonstrate how scalable on-boarding practices will allow your organisation to achieve greater productivity and engagement from new hires.

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