Code Leaders 17 Launch

We can see that more and more engineers and developers are moving into positions where they are expected to have and develop managerial skills.

But managing teams of devs can involve unique circumstances and require specialised skills.

That’s why we invented Code Leaders.

Running in conjunction with our long standing, highly regarded Code Conference for front end engineers and JavaScript developers, Code Leaders focuses on what senior engineering decision makers need to know about right now.

As the things we build and the teams and organisations that build them become ever more complex, technical knowledge and capabilities simply aren’t enough. Code Leaders is designed for engineering and development leaders, senior developers, lead engineers, engineering managers, CTOs.

It doesn’t matter so much what your role is called, if you’re responsible for building and leading teams, and making strategic decisions about the technologies your company or organisations uses, Code Leaders is designed for you.

Code Leaders takes place over a single, intensive day, and features real world experts addressing key challenges of technology, leadership and developing, maintaining and growing great engineering teams.

There’s full information on the website, including registration and some great pricing options, but here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from Code Leaders.

Session 1: Technology

In this session, we’ll look at the current state, and near term developments of the core technologies of the web: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG and the browser’s APIs, from two of the world’s leading experts.

JavaScript: Now and Next: Brian Terlson

Code Leaders - Brian Terlson

Where is JavaScript at right now, in 2017? And where is it headed in the near future? What changes will most impact the way you work in the coming years? How can you get involved in the process?

The State of Front End Technologies: Chris Lilley

Code Leaders - Chris Lilley

In our era of Web Apps, where JavaScript seems paramount, the core technologies of the web: HTML, CSS, SVG, and the browser’s DOM APIs still very much have a place when developing for the web. Chris Lilley gives us a sense of what’s coming for the foundations of the web platform.

Session 2: Best Practice

In this session, we’ll look at how networks impact performance, and security, and the architecture of Web Apps, again with two world leaders in these fields.

The Changing Face of Loading Resources: Andrew Betts

Code Leaders - Andrew Betts

The underlying transport mechanisms of the web, including HTTP and TCP are being overhauled. This session looks at the evolution of these largely out-of-sight but incredibly important protocols, with huge implications for performance and security for today’s web.

Modern Web App Architectures: Zero Cho

Code Leaders - Zero Cho

What is the architecture of complex Web Apps? Few apps work at the scale of Twitter, with hundreds of millions of users, and billions of messages a month. Hear about the architecture, and lessons learned building Twitter Lite.

Session 3: Culture

This session turns to the challenges that face senior engineering professionals and management: people, and ensuring the best from and for them. We draw on the experience of experts in building more diverse, inclusive, highly performing teams.

Re-imagining the Hiring Process: Elle Meredith & Lachlan Hardy

Code Leaders - Elle Meredith

We’ve all been on the other side of the table. A laundry list of required technologies and practices, white boarding code, logic puzzles, folks “hiring for culture fit”. But do these practices ensure the best possible hires, and ultimately the best performing teams?

Designing a Culture that Fosters Growth: Josh Duck

Code Leaders - Josh Duck

In this session Josh, now back in Australia managing a team at the ABC, shares lessons he learned working for Facebook, renowned for both its engineering prowess and also growing its engineering head count at an almost unimaginable rate over the last decade.


That’s quite a day.

Now, we’ve deliberately limited numbers for Code Leaders to ensure the greatest opportunity for participants to connect with one another, our leaders and invited experts. It’s a day for minimum screen time, and maximum connection and communication.

During the day you’ll be seated with a group of fellow participants with a balance of experience as leaders. Each table will have a facilitator, someone with significant industry experience, and will have the opportunity to put questions to our expert speakers.

Throughout the day there’ll be the opportunity for every participant to develop their leadership abilities by facilitating post-briefing discussion among your group.

You’ll also get the opportunity to connect with our leaders and invited experts during the day.

This is a new event, we’ve kept our prices low, and we do encourage you to register early. Given the number of tickets we’ve already sold, it is likely that this event will sell out.

If you’re in the business of leading or managing teams of engineers and developers – or you’d like to get to that kind of position – do not miss Code Leaders.

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