How to Convince the Boss You Should Go to Transform 17

We know that no matter how excited you are to attend Transform 17, it can be a terrifying task to ask your boss to pay for your ticket. You and I both know that attending this conference is a valuable investment to your professional and personal development … but how do we get your boss on board?

Let us help you with this. We’ve thought of all the questions, concerns and the ‘buts’ your boss might have about you attending, and so here are some answers and resources that show the value you and your boss will get from your attendance at Transform 17.

Q. How will attending Transform 17 help the company?

As Australia’s premier conference on digital service delivery in government, Transform 17 will give you access to practitioners and thought leaders working in digital transformation from around the globe, so there will be tons of content to support your company’s digital transformation goals, whatever they may be.

This year, our main speakers come from the UK, USA and Australia, and are themselves practitioners engaged in the same process of digital transformation, and so the topics you will hear about are not only relevant but also rich in practical, real-world advice that you can implement straightaway.

Q. What will you learn at Transform 17 that you can’t learn somewhere else?

A. You will hear the about the latest trends, insights and ‘what not to do’ in government service delivery from people working in some of the world’s largest government departments – where else can you learn from people that have worked in the NYC Mayor’s office and Gov.UK?

Transform 2017 also features a full-day workshop in two parts that will let you get a little more hands-on. Dan Sheldon will lead you through A survival guide for digital government, taking an “honest look at the way government works” and then Sarah Atkinson takes over for Real World Transformation: “tools and techniques which form the foundation of affecting transformation.”

Q. How will Transform help you professionally?

A. Part of our mission at Web Directions is to help people move up in their careers and so we’ve ensured that Transform 17 delivers great content that both equips you with the actionable knowledge you need to do your job better, and the inspiration to return to the office with a new sense of energy.

Networking plays a huge part in all our events, and at Transform 17 there will be opportunities across the two days to make organic connections with your industry peers which is great to way to start new partnerships, promote your company and build your personal brand.

Tip: When asking, don’t dance – just ask

Often, people nervously bring up the subject of the conference with their bosses and rarely ask them directly to attend. Instead, they ask what the boss thinks about it first and then it doesn’t get mentioned again. Don’t let this happen with Transform 17.

Tell your boss you want to attend and ask whether they’ll foot the bill. They may say yes or no, but at least you know exactly where you stand.


Convince your boss with this email template

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