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Culture ’19 Session spotlight: Extreme Cooperation of Superorganisms: Four Lessons Humans Can Learn from Honey Bees

As we countdown to our annual Culture ’19, our one day conference for people creating better teams and workplace cultures , we’re highlighting great sessions you can expect there.

If you like what you see, then why not get along? It’s in Sydney on October 30. From hiring to leading, communicating and providing feedback, creating inclusive high performing teams benefits your employees and your organisation.

Peter Moskovits
Peter Moskovits
Program Director of Worldwide Developer Advocacy

Extreme Cooperation of Superorganisms: Four Lessons Humans Can Learn from Honey Bees

In this talk Peter takes you on a journey, sharing some of the most exciting, secret inner workings of honey bee colonies, answering questions, such as: How did bees evolve into a well-organized communicating superorganism?

How do bees form cohesive collaborative colonies, whose abilities go way beyond those of its members? How do honey bee colonies, made up of insects with tiny brains, debate and make complex and timely life-and-death decisions as a single unit? In conclusion, you will walk away with practical organizational best practices you can apply – all based on what our sweet friends teach us.

Peter Moskovits

Peter leads IBM’s world-wide developer advocacy teams raising awareness of a wide range of technologies (AI/ML, blockchain, containers, serverless, Java) in strategic communities in San Francisco, New York, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. Before joining IBM, Peter was involved with low latency web communications technologies at Kaazing, a startup that pioneered the WebSocket standard, and was director of product management for portal and content management products at Oracle.

Peter is an avid backyard beekeeper learning every day from his honey bees.

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