Design ’18 Spotlight series #1: Spotlight on AI

The machines are coming. Are they coming to make our lives better? Or to take our jobs? These are questions on everyone’s minds, and we’re addressing in detail at our Design ’18 Conference, in Melbourne April 11 and 12.

  • Darla Sharpe is a Voice UI Designer at Google Voice and prior to this at Amazon’s Alexa project. Few people anywhere know more about designing for voice. She’ll provide insights into the challenges and opportunities, pitfalls and more of designing for voice and chat based interfaces.
  • Cory-Ann Joseph will consider the impact of AI on design roles, and the way in which these will change as machines become increasingly capable and “creative”.
  • Hilary Cinis works with data scientists and AI and machine learning experts at Data61, designing products with significant social impact. They pay considerable attention to the ethical implications of their work, and the increasing agency AI has (with the associated reduction of  human agency) in decision making. These challenges will increasingly face everyone.

Design ’18 will address the issues and trends most affecting the profession, if you work in Design you will learn from deeply experienced speakers from organisations around the world.

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