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Dynamic Typography with Fluid Sizing and Variable Fonts–Jason Pamental at Design ’19

Typography has been one of the great challenges in digital design, particularly on the Web. The arrival of font embedding, and services like Typekit a few years ago extended the range of fonts available to designers significantly, but came with performance costs.

And while designers developed ‘responsive’ techniques for layout, responsive typography, that adapts to the user’s screen size and resolution has taken longer to emerge. One of the real pioneers of responsive typography (he literally wrote the book on it) is Jason  Pamental, who we’re privileged to have speak at Design ’19.

About Jason Pamental

Jason is a seasoned design and user experience strategy leader with over 20 years’ experience on the web in both creative and technical roles, and an Invited Expert to the W3C Web Fonts Working Group.

Dynamic Typography with Fluid Sizing and Variable Fonts

At Design ’19 Jason will look at newer developments in CSS make it easier than ever to create robust, scalable, elegant typographic systems on the web and in apps. But the fun really starts when you add Variable Fonts. The design, technical, and performance benefits are really exciting, but when you combine them with other CSS capabilities like custom properties, calculations, and grid it’s a whole new way to think about design and development.

He’ll cover how they work together by using some variable fonts in layouts that work across screen dimensions, accessibility needs, design requirements, and even network speeds—better than you thought possible.

About Design ’19

Great design is no longer a nice to have for successful digital products, services and customer experiences. It’s vitally important. Design brings world leading experts across the complete Product Design spectrum to share their insights and expertise. If you are involved with the design of digital product or services, you can’t afford to miss this one-of-a-kind Australian event. Only in Melbourne, arguably Australia’s Design capital, April 11 and 12, 2019.

Who’s it for?

Design is for everyone involved with the design of great products and services. From user research, to product owners and managers, UX, CX, IxD and Product Designers, Design Managers, Art and Creative Directors, content developers and strategists.

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