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End of Financial Year and your training budgets

The end of the financial year is a couple of weeks away (I’m not sure if that’s hard to believe because it feels like the year has been much longer or much shorter than that).

If you have training budget that needs to be allocated for the year ending, Web Directions have a number of attractive and affordable options for developers, product designers, and product managers.

For Developers

For developers, our long-standing Code conference (now Code://Remote) is online only, featuring an innovative format adapted to how we live and work now–four focussed half-day sessions across the Fridays in September.
As always it’s an incredible lineup, designed to keep attendees up to date with the latest in front end technologies and development practices.

And until July 17th, early bird pricing is just $195. That’s a fraction of our regular in-person conferences.

For Product Designers, Managers and Owners

For 2020 we’ve brought together our Product and Design conferences to create a single event for product designers managers and owners, Product://Remote.

Like Code, it takes place across 4 Fridays in November, with each half-day focused on a different area of practice.

With teams working remotely, and COVID19 and Black Lives Matter protests impacting so much of the way we work and live, Product://Remote will have a strong focus on how Product Design and Product Management are changing in response.

Early bird pricing is just $195.

Conffab, a platform for the Whole Team

We recently launched Conffab, our online learning platform. Featuring hundreds of presentations from past Web Directions conferences, as well as other great conferences from around the world like performance.now and Pixel Pioneers, with more to come!

Premium Conffab memberships not only include full access to hundreds of presentations, it includes access to all our live conferences, like Code and Product (and we’ve got others planned too) and access to hundreds of eBooks and online courses from publishers like SitePoint, Packt, Smashing and A Book Apart.

All this for just $395, or $39.95 a month

Take a look at Conffab (you can set up a free account that gives you access to all presentations more than 2 years old) and see how it can help keep you up to date with concepts, technologies, techniques and practices all year round. Any questions? just hit reply.

Stay safe, and hope to see you, remotely at least, at Code or Product

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Join us in 2019:

  • Web Directions Code://remote 2020

    A global remote-only conference for JavaScript Developers and Front End Engineers.

    Exclusively Online September 2020

  • Web Directions Product://Remote Design & Management 2020

    A global remote-only conference–product design and product management.

    Exclusively Online November 2020

  • Web Directions Summit 2020

    A conference for the whole digital team–featuring product, design, front-end dev, and new people/talent/culture tracks.

    Sydney Late 2020, Early 2021