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Google’s AMP Roadshow is Coming to Sydney

Earlier this year we worked with Google to host a Sydney edition of their Progressive Web Apps Roadshow. They loved being here so much that they’re back with the related, once again free, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) roadshow in Sydney, on October 13th.

AMP is a technology to help boost performance and discoverability of web content that is being increasingly widely adopted by major global media companies, like the Guardian, New York Times, and locally at Fairfax, among many others.

While there’s been very widespread adoption, there have been concerns raised about the technology, all of which will be part of the conversation on the day.

The AMP Roadshow is taking place on October 13th, with some fantastic speakers, including Paul Bakaus (former core team member at jQuery, creator of jQuery UI, developer of the widely used HTML5 game engine Aves) and the opportunity to learn directly from the team at Google about the technology, its value, concerns you may have, and more.

It’s on in a couple of weeks, Friday 13th October, at Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour in Sydney, about ten minutes walk from Town Hall Station, and right by the light rail. It’s nicely catered, with some world leading speakers, and it’s completely free!

You just need to RSVP to attend.

The lowdown

What: AMP Roadshow

Where: Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney

When: 9am-5pm Friday 13th October

How Much: Free!

Why: To get started with, or go deeper into Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Look forward to seeing you there


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