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Great moments in Hypocrisy (mine)

So, some while back I wrote quite scathingly about native iPhone apps. I still stand by what I wrote there – but that hasn’t stopped me downloading some apps, and even paying for a couple.

But one really stands out, and I bought it this morning, sight unseen, less than a minute after learning about it.

It’s called Bloom, and it’s by the extraordinary Brian Eno – legendary music producer, and much more, along with Peter Chilvers.

I recommend it whole heartedly – like so much that Eno is involved in (with the possible exception of the tiresome Coldplay), it’s brilliant on many levels. Musically beautiful, but also a wonderful use of the potential of the iPhone as a tactile device. Yet it seems so simple.

Do take a look.

For $5 is a fantastic bargain, it’s just a shame you can’t demo it :-(

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