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In honour of International Women’s Day

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. In honour of the occasion I decided to create a listing of all the presentations by people who happen to be women that we’ve had at Web Directions conferences over the years.

Many hours later I had come up with the list below.

I invite you to sit back, take a little stroll down memory lane, and remember all the important things we’ve learned from these amazing women.

Now new and updated with all the women who spoke for us in 2012!

Rachel Andrew spoke about Core CSS3.

Relly Annett-Baker told us about content strategy for web apps as well as microcopy.

Angela Beesley – spoke on wikis and community collaboration.

Anette Bergo – spoke on truthiness, falsiness and other JavaScript gotchas.

Jina Bolton told us how to create sexy style sheets.

Tammy Butow showed us how to create fantastic forms for the mobile web.

Paula Bray on connected digital initiatives and strategy.

Rebekah Campbell talked us through funding versus bootstrap for your startup.

Heather Champ showed us how to grow and sustain a passionate community.

Wendy Chisholm told us all about universal access for apps.

Esther Derby showed what happens when agile meets UI.

Hannah Donovan told stories through design, designed without the browser and then reprised designing without the browser.

Natalie Downe told us the Lanyrd story.

Kimberly Elam showed us essential composition tools for web typography.

Ruth Ellison showed us how to integrate accessibility into design.

Anne Galloway took us to a 21st century bestiary.

Cheryl Gledhill showed us how to move our organisations to web standards and also took us beyond SEO.

Kelly Goto taught us about the iterative app, and how to design for lifestyle, and then showed us workFLOW.

Lisa Herrod showed us that usability is more than skin deep, that usability is for the rest of us, and then how to recategorise WCAG 2 using a role-based approach.

Rachel Hinman talked us through some mobile prototyping essentials.

Molly Holzschlag showed us some crimes against web standards.

Tara Hunt – told us all about Government 2.0.

Suze Ingram asked us if we would like service design with that?

Leslie Jensen-Inman introduced us to the Open Web Education Alliance.

Lynne D Johnson showed us how new media means new business.

Kate Kendall ran a great panel on The Australian Startup Scene.

Tania Lang taught us how to use AJAX to enhance user experience.

Divya Manian got creative with CSS3, showed us how to be active web developers and also how to design in the browser.

Hilary Mason introduced us to machine learning for web data.

Juliette Melton has taught us how to do mobile UX research and how to conduct effective remote studies.

Elle Meredith showed us some smarter CSS with Sass.

Zoe Mickley Gillenwater showed us to create effective and efficient designs with CSS3.

Diana Mounter talked us through deciding between custom and CMS.

Jackie Moyes showed us how to convert research findings into business speak.

Avis Mulhall gave us some insights into passion and purpose.

George Oates showed us how web apps need developers and designers to work together and also told us all about human traffic.

Laurel Papworth has shown us the business of online communities, the business of being social and taught us all about social networks and mobiles.

Silvia Pfeiffer showed us how to take HTML5 video a step further, and then taught us about webVTT and video accessibility.

Veerle Pieters showed us how to find creativity in the design process.

Deborah Schultz told us that it’s the people stupid.

Teale Shapcott told us all about usability in agile environments.

Kaitlin Sherwood showed us the business and technology of mashups.

Rashmi Sinha talked us through the perils of popularity.

Kay Smoljak showed us how to start and run a successful web business.

Donna Spencer has given us an IA how-to, showed us how to get content right, how to keep it alive from cradle to grave and taught us about information seeking behaviours.

Nicole Sullivan showed us her CSS power tools.

Stephanie Sullivan-Rewis taught us all about CSS3, the web’s Swiss Army Knife.

Kerry Taylor told us about semantics and sensors.

Samantha Thebridge showed us how developers will design so let’s make them amazing at it.

Jenny Telford showed us how the Australian Bureau of Statistics is opening up government data.

Gina Trapani showed us how Google opened up Gmail’s web interface to any developer.

Lea Verou showed us how to master CSS gradients, and then some more CSS secrets.

Sarah Wachter Boettcher showed us how to get unstuck with some content strategy for the future.

Sandi Wassmer taught us that inclusive design is for everyone.

Gian Wild showed us how she managed accessibility compliance for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, introduced us to WCAG 2 and then showed us its hidden nuggets.

Alex Young taught us how E is for everywhere and then showed us multi-device, multi-role.

Indi Young told us all about innovation with mental models.

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