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Our Second Annual AI Conference

Last year when we held our first, very successful AI conference, not a few people scratched their heads and asked “why is Web Directions holding an AI conference“.

Very often AI and Machine Learning are associated with complex technical specialisation (and this is certainly required for a lot of work with AI and ML).

But what we saw a lot of people overlooking was how AI and ML can help designers, product owners and managers, decision makers and developers build better products and services today. And with the rise of AI APIs from IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Ali Baba, and numerous startups, adding speech to text, text to speech, conversational and chat interfaces, image recognition, natural language programming and other AI capabilities to existing (and new) digital products and services is far more doable than many people might think.

So, our program this year focusses on several key areas, but is relevant to anyone working on digital products and services

Big ideas: As with any emerging area of practice, there are big ideas, around ethics, opportunity and separating hype from reality. Our keynote speakers Caroline Sinders and Joe Toscano will address these big picture issues.

Design: Design is becoming a central competitive advantage and driver of innovation across enterprise, government, education and startups. There’s a big focus on the intersection of design and AI at the conference.

The Business of AI: What’s the business case, and ROI of investing in these technologies? How is AI being used in the Enterprise? We’ll cover all this and more.

The technologies of AI and ML: What’s the current state of the art? What’s emerging as technologies to focus on? We’ll address this issue from the perspective of designers, engineers and product people.

You can see the full schedule and speaker lineup to get all the details on this very strong lineup.

For over 15 years, Web Directions has focussed on no just what is now, but what comes next. If are part of delivering digital products and services, we believe strongly that AI and Machine Learning are a critical part of the future.

Get a head start at Web Directions AI, in Sydney October 31.

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