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Product://remote Session Spotlight: Who’s homeless because of what I designed? by Nicola Rushton

In the leadup to Product://remote we’re putting the spotlight on the 2 dozen fantastic sessions we have lined up for attendees.

Who’s homeless because of what I designed?

By Nicola Rushton

Product designers have power. We come up with ideas, and ship them to the world. And sometimes, those ideas take on a life of their own…. To severely unintended consequences. Twitter was designed as a micro-messaging platform, and ended up influencing world politics. Freaked out yet? Maybe we should be.

In this talk, Nicola shares one tool we can use to get a super-scaled perspective on our designs and the potential impacts they could have on the world, and what we can do with this information once we have it. She will also talk through one example of how this looks in the real world.

About Nicola Rushton

Nicola is a product designer and design consultant who loves working with enterprises, startups and government. An alumni of Pivotal Labs, she’s passionate about Lean UX, dual-track agile, and the benefits of regular user research. She is also a vocal advocate for honest communication within teams and reflective practises and is a cofounder of the retro tool Postfacto.


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