A very progressive (web app) evening

Web Directions, and the Progessive Web Apps Sydney meetup are really excited to present an evening with Jake Archibald and Alex Russell.

RSVP here, or at the SydPWA meetup site.

Join two of the most influential people shaping the future of Web technologies, for an evening focussed on all things progressive web apps.

Alex Russell

Alex Russell invented the term and the key concepts associated with Progressive Web Apps. He works at Google on the Chrome Browser team, and among many other significant contributions to the Web he is on the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group, the committee which steers the overall technical direction of the W3C, and TC39, the committee that standardises ECMAScript (AKA JavaScript).

Jake Archibald

Jake Archibald is well known around the world for his advocacy of, and contribution to emerging Web Standards like fetch (a much simpler API for doing what we’ve done forever with XMLHTTPRequest, AKA Ajax) and of course Service Worker.

Alex and Jake will each talk about aspects of Progressive Web Apps from concepts to technologies, best practices to case studies.

There’ll be a drink or two and refreshments as well:

6:00 Doors open

6:30 Alex Russell

7:00 Jake Archibald

7:30 Networking

8:00 Time to go home, it’s a school night.

RSVP here, or at the SydPWA meetup site.

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