Bringing Respond and Code to Brisbane

The Crowd at Web Directions 2014

Over the years, we’ve come to Brisbane a number of times – several times with our free “What Do You Know?” series (we aim to return this year), and with workshops by the likes of Andy Clarke. But we’ve never quite managed to bring a full conference up there. That is all about to change this year.

In 2017, we’re bringing not one, but two of our conferences to Brisbane: Respond, our front end design conference on 12 May, and Code, our front end engineering conference on 4 August.

Each will be a one-day version of the two-day conference (we just couldn’t fit three two-day conferences in three cities within two weeks, this first time out). What that means is, we’ve super condensed an already full-on two-day experience into a single day. Hope you’re up for it.

You’ll see three of our international keynote speakers – Rachel Nabors, Mina Markham and Vitaly Friedman – as well as great local speakers like Wayne Thompson on the OneABC typeface he designed for the ABC, Rebecca Hendry looking in detail at Westpac’s Global Experience Language, and much more. A look at the full schedule is sure to get you excited.

Masterclass workshops are a hallmark of Web Directions events, and we don’t want Brisbane to miss out, so we’re also bringing Vitaly Friedman’s fantastic full day masterclass “Smart Responsive UX Design Patterns”. Vitaly is one of the world’s great educators when it comes to web design and development, and this really is a very rare chance to learn from him.

Early Bird tickets for Respond and Code are available until 24 March, with prices for the conference starting at $599.

Get a season pass to both conferences

Wait, we’re not done yet. This is for Brisbane, so we have something extra special.

Get a season pass to both Brisbane conferences for just $999. That’s a Silver ticket, which includes conference videos for all of the sessions for Respond and Code (yes, all – including presentations not featuring in Brisbane). At regular prices, these two events at Silver rates would set you back usually $1398. With a Brisbane season pass it’ll cost you just $999.

We’ve been working on bringing our events to Brisbane for a long time, and this year it has finally come together. We aim to make your city a regular stop on the Web Directions circuit, and we need your active support to make that happen.

We hope you’re as excited about Respond 17 Brisbane and Code 17 Brisbane as we are. Love to see you there.

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