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Scaling Design: Design Systems and DesignOps at Design ’19

As we countdown to announcing the full Design ’19 program, we’ll focus some of the important themes for the event.

At our conferences, curation of timely, important and valuable sessions is always a key concern. One of the challenges that keeps coming up in my conversations and reading is how to scale design.

So, at Design ’19, there’s a whole session focussed on Design Systems, including an extended QA, which will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions of our speakers. We’ll also have a number of designops focussed sessions as well.

But, don’t expect the usual design systems talks. Design Systems are increasingly widely adopted, and as such, we’re focussing on the challenges designers organisations face now they have design systems in place of the common “why you need a design system”, “how to sell your design system” and other more introductory presentations.

Design Systems and Creativity

Jina Anne

In the world of design systems, few people need less introduction than Jina Anne. She’s been instrumental in the development of design systems at among other places Sales Force and Amazon, and is the founder of Clarity, the design systems conference. Jina will address the common complaint about design systems, that they stifle creativity, and show how quite the opposite can be true.

Keeping a living design system alive

Dominik Wolkowksi

You’ve got a design systems up and running. But how do you keep it living, and alive?
Dominik Wolkowksi has worked on design systems at Westpac, the Digital Transformation Agency, and Atlassian, and has seen first hand the challenges of keeping a design system vibrant and effective.

Measurable Design

Simon Knox

Developers have been measuring aspects of their work–the impact of code size, load times and other measurable metrics–on user experience for a long time now.

Simon is on a mission to make design more measurable, and find the metrics designers should be focusing on, in order to improve outcomes for users and organisations.

Keep your capabilities up to date at Design’19

If issues like scaling design, design systems and designops are a challenge you and your team are facing, Design ’19 will help you get that sense check that you’re on the right track, and provide ideas, and practical advice for how to keep advancing.

Early bird pricing, starting at just $1195, is available until March 16th, so get organised, and registered, and connect with your product design peers in Melbourne in April.

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I’ve been admiring the Web Directions events for years, and was honored to be part… What a fantastic event!

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