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Summit 17 – the Final Speaker and the Full Schedule

All the pieces of the Web Directions Summit 17 conference have now come together, and we are profoundly excited by what is shaping as perhaps the best Sydney conference we’ve ever held.

Super Early Bird pricing finishes this Friday. Register by midnight for the best possible price (see below for your special offer). To pay just $999 for a Silver ticket (conference and associated videos), sign up by Friday and lock in this price (you can always pay us later).

So, now you should know who our final speaker is.

 Summit 17 - Jina Anne We are extremely proud to announce that Jina Anne has joined the speaker line-up for Summit 17.

Regarded as one the leading designers in the world today, Jina is also a developer, writer, and speaker, and a leading global authority on design systems.

Last in Australia for a hugely popular appearance at the Mixin conference in Perth in 2016, Jina is currently working freelance, having previously worked with the likes of Salesforce, Apple, GitHub, Engine Yard, and Crush + Lovely, as well as a range of her own projects like the Clarity design systems conference and the Design Systems Slack.

We are delighted to add Jina Anne to your Summit 17 schedule.

The Schedule

Speaking of the conference schedule, we have finally put everything together for what we feel is perhaps the premium professional development event in Australia for web designers, developers and decision makers.

Yes, that’s a big call. Why not take a look, and see for yourself?

Opening and closing keynotes on both days that are relevant to all people working on the web and in digital tech, bookending morning and afternoon groups of talks that provide a through line between talks – whether that’s sticking to the Engineering Track, or to the Product & Design Track, or jumping between the two tracks.

There are thematic links between presentations every which way you look. Your hardest task may be deciding just which sessions to attend. The good news is that whatever you decide will give you an exceptional conference experience and help pave the way forward for your own work.

With our Super Early Bird period been extended to this Friday 22 September, you’ll find some amazing deals on offer. Even after that, we have a second Early Bird – still with great deals available – until Friday 20 October.

And remember, if you register now to lock in the lowest possible pricing,  you  can pay later – even if that’s after the Early Bird closes. 


Register during the Primary Early Bird period up to and including Friday 22 September and get $200 off the regular cost.

  • Classic Summit ticket (conference only) for just$999 (save $200)
  • Silver Summit ticket (conference plus videos) for just $1,199(save $200)
  • Gold Summit ticket – sorry, sold out!

NB Don’t forget the option of a Three Day Pass to Summit plus our new Culture or Reality conferences – outstanding value!

I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved so far in putting together Summit 17. What will make it a real success, however, is you.

A conference without people attending isn’t much use at all. We need you to come to Summit 17 and help turn it into the best conference experience you’ll have this year. Bar none.

See you there.

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

Joel Roberts Web Developer

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