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Summit ’19 Session spotlight: Strike a pose – Gesture recognition in JavaScript with Machine Learning & Arduino.

As we countdown to our annual Summit ’19, our two day conference on all things product leadership, digital and product design, and front-end development, we’re highlighting great sessions you can expect there.

If you like what you see, then why not get along? It’s in Sydney on October 31 and November 1. With a carefully curated program that covers every aspect of delivering modern digital products, Web Directions Summit is the only conference for your entire product team.

Charlie Gerard
Charlie Gerard
Front-end developer

Strike a pose – Gesture recognition in JavaScript with Machine Learning & Arduino.

Most of our interactions with technology aren’t really intuitive. We’ve had to adapt to it by learning to type, swipe, execute specific voice commands, etc… but what if we could train technology to adapt to us?

Programming for hardware in JavaScript has already been made accessible with frameworks like Johnny-five, but, combining it with machine learning, we have the opportunity to create new and smarter interactions.

In this presentation, I will talk about how to build a simple gesture recognition system using JavaScript, Arduino and Machine learning.

Charlie Gerard

Charlie is a developer at Atlassian, a Google Developer Expert and a Mozilla Tech Speaker. Outside of her day job, she is passionate about human-computer interaction and spends her free time experimenting with innovative technologies to build prototypes mixing art, science and tech. She also loves contributing to the community and giving back by building open-source tools, writing tutorials, mentoring junior developers and speaking at conferences.

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Going to #wds18 has given me inspiration to attend more conferences. Meeting tech folks like myself and learning from each other is pretty amazing!

Hinesh Patel Ruby and React Developer

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