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The Bots are Coming

Lauren LuccheseJudging by conversations I’ve been having with design and multidisciplinary agencies around Australia and beyond, if you run such an agency it’s not unlikely you’ve started thinking about how to use chat interfaces, and “bot” (yeah, I hate that word too, but it’s the one we have) approaches to customer service for your clients, and perhaps you’ve even started implementing these experiences.

Or perhaps you – or your clients – think it’s just all hype – we’ve seen it all before, and it’ll go away soon.

Or maybe you’re adopting a wait-and-see approach.

Well, as you might have noticed with our recent AI conference, we definitely think “there’s a there, there” when it comes to chat, bots, voice and related user experiences.

So much so that at Web Directions Summit in Sydney on 9-10 November we have a number of design, engineering and keynote sessions focusing on this whole issue.

Plus there’s two dozen other incredible sessions in two tracks over two days – one track digital design focused, the other with a front end engineering bent.

Sounds valuable to you and your team? I hope so! And we have a special offer just for agencies.

Use the code “agency” to save $200 off the full price of a Classic ticket, just $999.

And, if you send four or more people, they each get a Silver ticket (that includes all the videos) and we’ll feature your agency as an “agency partner”, with your logo and link on our conference website, and your logo at the conference itself. We’ll even give you onstage shout-outs. All for $999 per person.

Just register four or more people from your agency with the code “agency“, and we’ll set that all up.

We know people at any design agency will benefit professionally from attending Web Directions Summit, and we have a history of our attendees bringing genuine value back to their agencies.  With a cross-discipline event like this, the more people you send, the bigger benefit you get back.

Hope to see you all at this year’s Summit.

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Three days of talks, two of them in the engineering room. Web Directions you have broken my brain.

Cheryl Gledhill Product Manager, BlueChilli

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