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The Meetup Muster returns for Summit ’18

Last year, long overdue, we added a new feature to our annual Summit, the Meetup Muster.

The Meetup Muster was a cool addition to the event, introducing people to a range of Sydney’s tech meetups (SydCSS, SydJS, React Sydney, SydTechLeaders, SydPWA, Tech Talks). Many people come to conferences but don’t tap into the amazing meetup scene in between, so hopefully the Muster will encourage more people to join their local communities. Or, if there isn’t a meetup that scratches their itch, perhaps they’ll be the ones to start them!

Ben Buchanan, Web Directions Summit 2017 “Big Stonkin’ Post

Photo by JJ Halans, go check out his album of last year’s Summit for many fantastic photos.

We’re excited to be doing it again, with a range of existing, and new, meetup partners, across design and engineering in Sydney. Here’s who’s participating this year.

  • React Sydney
  • SydPWA></a></li>
<li>				<a href=Sydney Tech Leaders></a></li>
<li>				<a href=Node Sydney></a></li>
<li>				<a href=IxDA Sydney
  • Women Who Code
  • SydJS></a></li>
<li>				<a href=Design Systems Sydney
  • SydCSS
  • TGD in Tech

If you’re attending our Summit, make sure you get along and say Hi! and join a meetup you’ve not joined before.
And if you’re a member of open of these, and are keen to come to Summit, check your inbox or hassle an organiser (don’t hassle them, contact them very nicely, they do amazing stuff for our community) and ask them for a special code to get you a great deal (and thank them for being awesome!)

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