Video Ristretto: CSS: Code Smell Sanitation – Fiona Chan

Fiona ChanAs we look forward to Web Directions Code 17 in Melbourne this August, our Video Ristretto this week harks back to last year’s conference, where Fiona Chan delivered her presentation CSS: Code Smell Sanitation.

Fiona has long been a stalwart supporter of Web Directions – she’s one of our regular and indispensable production volunteers – and has also been a strong supporter of the community, as her involvement with SydCSS and CSSConf testifies.

Less than 20 minutes long, her talk at Code 16 not only drew much admiration on the day, but has also been one of the most watched Web Directions videos ever since.

My guess is that we all have concerns about how to clean up our own and others’ code, but we’re not always sure how to go about it – which is exactly what Fiona covers so well.


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