Video Ristretto: Removing Everything and Having a Crap UI — Warwick Cox

Warwick CoxAs we get ever closer to the web tech-​fest that is our Summit 17 conference (two weeks from now, still some tickets, register here), I wanted to make a small but important point.

We are Australian. Yes, our industry is by definition a global one but Australians inevitably bring to it some of their own style and flair — and that can have quite specific effects on our work.

Which brings me to Warwick Cox and his presentation at Respond 17. It’s hard not to like someone who happily tells us that his company’s core value statement came from a slogan on a stubby holder at his wedding. Or whose major app idea came from his teenage daughter. Or who rattles through his 20 minute talk in 15 minutes.

Warwick’s style is undeniably Australian, but his point is equally undeniable — that he achieved success with an approach to online ordering that does the opposite of many rival models. Instead of presenting users with huge lists of competing products to select from, Warwick’s company Crowd Delivery provides a text box and lets the user type in what they want to order. Simple and effective.

There’s a lot more to it, and Warwick’s account not only entertains but might just inspire someone to develop their own idea. You’ll certainly enjoy this short talk.


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