Video of the Week – Maciej Cegłowski: the Website Obesity Crisis

Performance was a big theme for our Web Directions conference in 2015, so it was appropriate that the closing keynote to our last conference in that format was delivered by Maciej Cegłowski, addressing the way our websites have grown in size to the point where performance and the user experience are seen to deteriorate.

Performance is still an important theme and a big (!) problem for web designers, developers, content strategists, users – in fact, everyone on the web. That would be reason enough to revisit Maciej’s talk, but the extra incentive is that this presentation is in turns hilarious, horrifying, eye-opening and maybe a bit scary.

More than 100,000 people have viewed this video and if that doesn’t include you, we really urge you to take the time to see what everyone else found so fascinating. You won’t regret it. More than likely, it’ll make you want to sign up to Direction 16, where we have a day full of presentations with this kind of impact, and best of all, Maciej returns with his own inimitable, incisive, and yet hilarious take on chatbots, AI and our big data future.

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