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Web Directions 2009 Roadshow

This April Web Directions is going to be throwing all the gear in the back of the ute and hitting the road for a whistlestop tour of Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney with a workshop lineup of the best thinkers and educators in the game: the Web Directions 2009 Roadshow.

Andy Clarke – Visual Web Design Masterclass. Designers will be excited to see that Andy is bringing this instructive and inspiring day of classic layout and typography using CSS and standards based markup downunder.

Indi Young – Mental Models. For product designers, researchers and UX professionals looking to create the best possible web products by better understanding user motivations.

Christian Heilmann – Pragmatic, accessible JavaScript in a web services world. Coders and developers, save money for your organisation by getting it right the first time with frameworks, APIs and web services.

Brian Fling – Creating Mobile 2.0 Web Apps. Developers with an enthusiasm for mobile, this is a great opportunity to learn the principles and techniques of mobile design and development and apply them to a product you build over the course of the day.

Lisa Herrod – Web Usability: A Holistic Approach. Particularly in the current climate, web practitioners across all roles in the team need to be able to conduct user research and usability testing. Lisa’s hands on workshop will give you a host of methods and approaches to implementing usability in the real world.

Grant Young – Engaging social media. For anyone considering engagement in social media on behalf of an organisation, either at a strategy or tactical level, who needs to understand the opportunities, risks, resourcing requirements, tools, and spaces of this exciting area.


It’s going to be a pretty intense week, but everyone involved is really looking forward to sharing their knowledge and experience, and getting to know you on your home turf. Check the full program for details.


We’ve worked hard to keep this the same as last year. $550 really is excellent value for these full day, fully catered workshops. Additionally, if you’ve attended a Web Directions conference or workshop in the past, keep an eye out for an email from us about loyalty pricing of just $450.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Going to #wds18 has given me inspiration to attend more conferences. Meeting tech folks like myself and learning from each other is pretty amazing!

Hinesh Patel Ruby and React Developer

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