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Web Directions Code ’20 session spotlight–Simpler, more robust User Interface code with state-driven development

Simpler, more robust User Interface code with state-driven development

Brad Woods, Designer + Front-end Developer Easy Agile

Developing user interfaces is hard. Currently, we tend to be develop them using event-driven development. This approach can produce code that doesn’t accurately represent the design’s intended behaviour. State logic being imbedded in UI frameworks. Multiple edge cases & state explosion.

State-driven development offers us a different approach that is a better fit for the development of UIs. We don’t need new libraries or frameworks to adopt it. It can be done with vanilla JavaScript and a change to how we perceive UIs. It makes the code easier to understand. It more accurately represents intended behaviour. It separates state logic from UI frameworks & reduces edge cases with more control and confidence about what the user can do.

About Brad Woods

After serving in the Australian military I undertook a mechatronic engineering cadetship. I then transferred to a primary teaching degree & taught within Australia & the UK. I began developing software to be a more effective teacher which lead to a career in design & front-end development. My belief, there is a better way to learn.

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I’ve been admiring the Web Directions events for years, and was honored to be part… What a fantastic event!

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