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Web Directions Code ’20 session spotlight–The State of the DOM

The State of the DOM

Marcos Caceres, Standards Engineer Mozilla

The DOM, while not quite as old as the Web itself, has been with us for the entire professional lifetime of almost every web developer.
But its far from fixed in stone. Now the responsibility of the WHATWG it continues to evolve in response to the every increasing demands placed on the Web platform.

Few people understand the intricacies of the DOM like Marcos Caceres, an invited expert at the W3C, and one time member of the the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group, lead Editor for the W3C’s Web Payments effort, he’s also an engineer at Mozilla who works to implement these features in Firefox.

Marcos will provide an overview of the state of the modern DOM, and where it might be headed next.

About Marcos Caceres

Marcos is part of Firefox’s Critical Programs Team where Firefox, where he spends his time editing PWA-related W3C specifications, hacking on Firefox, and chairing the W3C’s Web Applications Working Group and Web Incubator Community Group. Marcos has been developing for the Web since 1996.

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Thanks for an amazing few days Web Directions. So many great themes of empathy, inclusion, collaboration, business impact through design, and keeping our future deeply human.

Laura van Doore Head of Product Design, Fathom

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