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Web Directions Lazy Load ’21 session spotlight–Learn How Russian Doll Caching Can Improve your SSR Web App

Learn How Russian Doll Caching Can Improve your SSR Web App

Abdurrachman Mappuji, Lead Software Engineer Mekari

Are you implementing SSR for your web application? Do you know we can implement multiple layers of caching so that your caching is like an onion or Russian Doll ?

That’s the essence of this talk, we’ll demonstrate how we can implement Russian Doll Caching to create layers of caching so that we get data from databases as small as we possibly can.

Hopefully, after this talk, you’ll not ask about Russian Mall what? Russian %^&*() caching?

About Abdurrachman Mappuji

Abdurrachman, known on the internet as mpj (not Michael Jordan) is a software developer based in Indonesia (frequently moving from town to town) and he’s on a mission to inspire and elevate people everywhere so that they can improve their lives, raise the bar, and contribute back to society.

He’s currently a tech lead at Mekari, a leading Software as a Service company in Indonesia focusing on the HR & Business suites.

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