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Web Directions South 09 Resources – many more now online

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Guy in preparing all the pages and producing all the podcasts, we now have a whole raft of the presentations from WDS09 now available online, so, if you’re looking to catch something you missed because you you went to another track, or you couldn’t make it to Web Directions at all this year, check the listing below.

Many of the speakers have even gone to the trouble of synching the audio with the slides, so it really is a lot like being there on the day: enjoy!

There’s some great content here – we’d love it if you could help us spread the word about these resources in particular to people who couldn’t be there on the day, by blogging about them twittering, or just emailing the link around to all your colleagues.

Design track
Development track
Business track

We also have video from the W3C track, which we’ll be making available soon.

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