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Web Directions Summit ’18 Program launched

We’re in full swing gearing up for our annual Summit, our big two track conference, taking place November 1 and 2 in Sydney.

This year we’re excited to be returning to our home for many years, the Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Bringing as good a lineup as we’ve ever had.

The full program is online now, and we’ll be focusing on some of the speakers, topics and themes in the coming weeks.

For frontend developers and engineers we’ll be covering GraphQL, Performance, JavaScript in-depth, CSS layout, variable fonts, and much more.

In the Design track we’ll address conversational interfaces, designing across cultures, UX research, design systems, content strategy, ethics in design and a whole lot more.

All topped and tailed with engaging, challenging keynotes from the likes of Oliver Reichenstein and Maria Giudice.

If you’ve been to our Summit before, you’ll know it’s amazing speakers and ideas in a fantastic setting, fully catered, great coffee and more. If you’ve not been and you work in web, technology and design, this is the event on the Australia calendar for our industry, as it has been for many years.

Places are going quickly, and early bird pricing ends September 14th, so don’t miss out.

But that’s not all

This year, Web Directions Summit is preceded by two, one day, focussed conferences, Culture and AI.


Culture addresses the challenges in building great teams, and organisational cultures. From hiring to onboarding to developing teams, there’s insights from real world experts. Whether you’re a manager of design or engineering teams, or work in people, talent, or HR, Culture will help you do this better.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer the preserve of large companies with huge budgets. “AI as a service” like Watson, and similar services from AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and other providers bring natural language processing, image recognition, speech to text, text to speech, and other AI capabilities into the hands of small teams and startups.

Our AI conference looks at the business, design and technology challenges, as well as the opportunities presented by these technologies, with case studies and insights from people using them right now.

What seems a bit like science fiction today will be bread and butter for digital products and services before too long. Get up to speed with these opportunities at AI.

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Phil Whitehouse General Manager, DT Sydney

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