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Product (management and design) CFP extended one week–ends March 20th

If you’re thinking of starting, our developing your speaking career, our Call for Presentations for our 2020 events, across design, development, product, leadership, and people/talent/culture are now open. While our Code Leaders and Code CFPs are closed (the full program for Code has been announced with Code Leaders to follow very shortly) there’s sill an open CFP for the developer track at Summit. But most […]

Web Directions Code ’20 session spotlight–Asynchronous and Synchronous JavaScript. There and back again.

Asynchronous and Synchronous JavaScript. There and back again. Maciej Treder, Senior Software Development Engineer Akamai Technologies Callbacks… Callbacks everywhere… Callback inside the callback, and one more inside! Asynchronous JavaScript code is a pain. Event loop is a JavaScript “bigfoot” – everyone heard about it, almost nobody knows how it works… There is multiple ways you […]

Web Directions Code ’20 session spotlight–Compu-mathe-sci-tics

Compu-mathe-sci-tics Jennifer Wong, Software Engineer Mode Analytics Math. Computer science. Computers were invented to do complicated mathematics. But JavaScript wasn’t. It was created to assemble components and be written directly in web page markup. So how does Math fit into all of this? Well, JavaScript has had a Math object since its inception in 1997. […]

Web Directions Code ’20 session spotlight–Welcome to the Layouts of the Future!

Erin Zimmer, Senior developer Shine Solutions Historically, layout on the web has been quite difficult. Developers have relied on third-party tools, like Bootstrap, and media queries based on “average” device sizes. Today, however, the web is available on an increasingly large range of devices – everything from your watch to your fridge! We are reaching […]

Code ’20 Program Launch

The wait is over, and this year’s Web Directions Code program is now available. Every year we spend months curating a program we aim to be timely, challenging, and extremely professionally valuable for our audience.  This year we’ve brought together a program of both well established as well as brand new speakers, across a range of technologies […]

Jobs of the week, March 2nd

If you’re wondering which jobs end up in this list, well, it’s jobs at organisations we likely know well (one way or another). It’s above all because of the people who work there, whom I’ve got to know perhaps as a speaker at one of our events, perhaps as an attendee. My instinct is if […]

Reading (and more) for the week of March 2nd

The last week or so I’ve spent a lot of time focused on finalising the program for our Code and Code Leaders conferences. Our CFPs closed a couple of weeks back, and there were hundreds of proposals, this is both gratifying, and daunting as it also leads to the inevitable consequence, that some will miss out (many in […]

Product (product and design tracks) and Design Leaders CFPs close March 14th

If you’re keen on speaking at Product (in either the product design or product management track), or Design Leaders, the companion event focussed on design leadership challenges, CFPs close in a couple of weeks.Most of the sessions we select from our CFP are 20 minutes long, and focus on a single topic–it’s just the right amount of time to cover one thing in some […]

Jobs of the Week–February 24th

A bit quieter this week, but a couple that crossed my desk where you’d be working with folks I admire on interesting projects. Lead User ResearcherDTA The Digital Transformation Agency are looking for a lead user researcher (there are a number of other roles open there as well).As a Lead User Researcher, you will take […]

Some reading for the Week of Feb 24th– the cashless tik tok edition

wherein boomers learn about the renegade If you have younger kids, tweens or younger teenagers, perhaps more so if you have a daughter, you’ll be at least familiar (if not very very familiar) with Tik Tok, a social app which focuses on short form videos that are largely shared algorithmically, and which has predominately become […]

Jobs of the week for February 17th

Jobs of the WeekProduct Manager (12 month contract)PwC, Sydney PwC are seeking an experienced Product Manager with a history of delivering digital products that customers love. This is a role for someone with a strong agile delivery background and has a proven track record managing multiple stakeholders. They will be passionate about the future of Fintech […]

Some reading for Valentine’s day

Every morning in my final year at high school one person in the year read out the notes for the day. Being a religious school, this finished by asking some saint or other (I can’t remember if it was a saint whomever was reading the notes chose, or whether this came pre-chosen) to pray for […]

Jobs of the Week, February 10th

Hiring Juniors? First up, a reverse job ad. Two students, nearing the end of their degrees at Sydney University and who’ve got some impressive experience under their belts, one a mobile dev, one full stack, are looking for part time work as part of the requirements to complete their degrees. Contact us if you’re keen.  […]

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