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Craig Sharkie

Functional CSS yesterday

Craig Sharkie Senior Developer Seven West Media

Your CSS can already be just* as functional as JavaScript. It is pure, can be immutable, and can be reasoned about.

If you start thinking about CSS in the same terms that other languages use, they can use their paradigms to learn your language.

And when you start using their tooling, they'll be running out of excuses to not embrace Specificity.

(*Well, as functional as some JavaScript :D )

Craig Sharkie

  • Founder and lead wrangler at Sydney's JavaScript meet-up, SydJS (http://sydjs.com/ | @sydjs)
  • Founder at SydJS(J) and SydJS[0], JavaScript communities for new Developers and inexperienced Developers, respectively
  • Organiser JSConfAU
  • Mentor
  • Raconteur

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