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Danyao Wang

Better Payments for the Web with the Payments API

Danyao Wang Staff Software Engineer Google

In recent years the Web Platform has gained many of the capabilities that had been exclusively the preserve of native applications. But one area in which the Web has continued to lag is in the area of payments.

Enter the Payment Request API a way for browsers to manage the user's experience of paying for things on the Web, and making this faster and more consistent for users and merchants alike.

In this session, Danyao Wang from the W3C's Web Payments Working Group shows us what the payments API is for and how to use it to make the experience of paying for things on the Web much more pleasant.

Danyao Wang

Danyao Wang lives and works in Toronto, Canada as a Staff Software Engineer at Google, working on the Chrome team on web platforms. She likes to build (mostly software, paper craft, pottery), read, cook and walk. She's a member of the W3C's Web Payments working group

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