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Isabel Brison

Atomic, presentational, reusable, functional components: UI architecture in the age of design systems

Isabel Brison FRont End Developer Fairfax

Modern web app architecture, whichever framework you use, focuses on separation of concerns and reusability. The current trend towards design systems feeds into this logic, abstracting a highly reusable presentational layer. Design is Atomic; code is neatly separated into presentational and container components. But what happens when these different paradigms meet in the middle? Should the app architecture be influenced by Atomic principles? How do we represent state changes in the design system?

We’ll look at a few problems that might pop up when applying these principles to a real world product (especially when working to tight deadlines) and share a few tips on how to avoid pitfalls and build a clean, scalable codebase, all while staying on speaking terms with the design team.

Isabel Brison

Isabel is a front end engineer at Fairfax Media, where she has worked on all the metro mastheads, across two completely different tech stacks and is currently building the second iteration of their design system. When she is not coding she can usually be found tending the veggie patch or spending quality time with her cats.

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