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Marcin Szczepanski

Scaling frontend development

Marcin Szczepanski Principal Front End Developer Atlassian

Atlassian Jira's has a new frontend codebase that is "only" 18 months old, but already contains over 50 top level "apps" and 400,000+ lines of JavaScript code, from almost 200 committers. The problem was that with 50 apps we had 50 different approaches to how to build a frontend application.

We needed to scale our development processes, so in late 2017 we embarked on Tangerine - a program to standardise principles that define a world class frontend application as it scales up, and apply this to Jira.

Tangerine provides the framework for principles that make up a frontend application to be "decided, documented, and done" - all supported and enforced by tooling and automation, and published for the world to see and learn from.

Learn about our journey with Tangerine so far - good parts and bad, our vision for Jira and beyond; as well as the program structure, processes, and how we've used this all to take a backlog of ideas and progressively work them into concrete proposals, and have them implemented in Jira.

Marcin Szczepanski

A developer for almost twenty years, Marcin has worked with the web as it evolved from static pages to the rich JavaScript applications we see today.

Starting in the corporate world, and later a digital agency, Marcin is currently a Principal Frontend Developer at Atlassian.

As a member of the Jira Cloud Frontend Platform team, Marcin helps to ensure Jira's development practices can scale as the frontend code base goes through rapid growth.

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