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Michael John Peña

Blockchain for Web Developers

Michael John Peña Technical Consultant Readify

Blockchain has been a big buzz lately. There are a lot of demand for DApps (Decentralised Applications) developers in the market right now.

In this session, the audience will understand the fundamentals of a Blockchain platform, what it means for web developers and how to get started writing your own Decentralised App. The speaker coming from a developer background himself, will bridge the gap the knowledge to fast-track the audience in DApps development.

The audience will also learn available platforms and tooling within the Blockchain space. The speaker will highlight some of the good use cases of Blockchain and when NOT to use it.

Michael John Peña

Michael is an experienced Technical Consultant currently working with Readify in Sydney, Australia, a Microsoft MVP and a certified professional with more than 5 years of working experience ranging from Mobile, Cloud, Web, DevOps and Blockchain.

Michael is a former CTO and Director of his Microsoft-partner company and has worked with various Microsoft clients and consulting partners delivering valued Consulting, Delivery, Training, Technical Presales and Support services. He is also a Microsoft Student Partner alumnus and has worked in Microsoft during his internship working on Windows RT.

Michael also enjoys mentoring, attending conferences and user group meetups.

He is now in a pursuit of learning more about Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

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