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Sara Soueidan

Using CSS (and SVG) for the Good of UX

Sara Soueidan UI/UX developer Freelance

Everyone knows that with great power comes great responsibility. Just like their range of skills, the front-end developer's responsibilities may vary across teams, but one things remains the same: a front-end developer can either make or break a user's experience. We build the interface that users interact with, and how we do it has a direct impact on how the user feels when they do, whether they find it delightful to use, and, most importantly, whether or not they *can* use it properly.

CSS is one of the most powerful UI tools in our arsenal. In this talk, Sara will show a wide range of possibilities that CSS offers to improve the overall user experience of your UI, using CSS (with sprinkles of SVG and JavaScript here and there).

Sara Soueidan

Sara is a freelance front-end UI/UX developer, trainer and speaker from Lebanon. She partners with design teams to execute and build beautiful, progressive Web user interfaces and design systems, with a strong focus on responsive design, performance, and accessibility, using the latest front-end design techniques.

Sara was named Developer of the Year and short-listed for Outstanding Contribution of the Year in the 2015 net awards, and awarded an O’Reilly Web Platform award for “exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the supporting Web ecosystem.”

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