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Tanvi Patel

Hello Real World Of Legacy Code: How To Introduce Modern Code To Legacy Jungle?

Tanvi Patel Software Engineer Yelp

Legacy code is code written by others and usually is no longer supported but continually patched. Do you find yourself lost in the legacy jungle? This talk will provide helpful suggestions on how to deal with the tangled web of legacy code created over time. It will address approaches to effectively plan for refactoring to comply legacy code with a modern framework.

Tanvi Patel

Tanvi works as Software Engineer at Yelp, San Francisco as part of core web team. She originally hails from India where she worked for few years in product oriented software company as well as in media company.

Tanvi cares about technology, health and equality. You will find her openly speaking about and advocating these causes at various events happening in Silicon Valley.

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