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How to get to Diversity beyond Gender & Inclusion beyond Tokenism

Mayase Senior Consultant Business Analyst/Iteration Manager ThoughtWorks

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace are usually seen through one lens. Do we have women in the company? Yes, we are a diverse organisation. It is time to have difficult conversation about why not only is the leadership is not diverse but our office floors have the same thinking. What is your individual responsibility?

Is it just up to recruitment and leaders to change the structural barriers? This talks takes you through examples of how accepting the various aspects of diversity builds high performing teams, the importance of embracing difference for people of colour and how to build safe spaces in your organisation to understand diversity


Mayase is a Senior Consultant for ThoughtWorks a global technology consultancy. She specialises in Agile software delivery, Agile team development/coaching and product thinking.

She has led distributed teams across Australia, China, and India. Her passion is in making education accessible to every child and increasing the participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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