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Tarra van Amerongen

Humans and Machines: rewind to the future

Tarra van Amerongen Managing Director Ustwo

The Future of Work has the augmentation, addition and replacement of work. It's been met with fear, however a design opportunity lies dormant, waiting for us to help define the next revolution of work. How do we let machines do what they're good at and remember what it means to be human and what we bring to the table. How do we meet this new wave with anticipation rather than fear? How do we incorporate ethics, job redesign, and machine learning to make us better versions of our (employee) selves?

Tarra van Amerongen

Tarra is an innovation leader at the intersection of design, business and technology. As the Managing Director for ustwo Sydney, she leads a brilliant team in designing and building digital experiences for Australia’s most important companies. She also teaches venturing students in the Entrepreneurship MBA at the University of Sydney to design and build propositions for tomorrow’s economy.

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