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Amelia Crook

Great design teams start with transparency

Amelia Crook General Manager Cogent

The saying goes that money makes the world go around, but most designers value purpose and fulfillment over monetary compensation. How do we create diverse design teams that are both engaged and paid fairly, while also eliminating bias and inequality in the design industry?

This session explores how we've created more trusting and empowered teams through a completely transparent business model. From open salaries and equal profit share to involving staff in financial performance, we'll share the great (and not so great) aspects of this model. Get an understanding of how this approach can change team culture and grow engagement within a design team - or an entire company.

Amelia Crook

Amelia leads the Design and Product teams at Cogent.co, a business focused on using strategy, product, design and development to turn great ideas into remarkable businesses. Amelia has previously held senior product roles in some of Melbourne's brightest startups including SEEK, Redbubble, Flippa, and Lonely Planet, as well as international roles including at Amazon.co.uk.

Her experience working in cross-discipline teams has made her passionate about diversity of ideas, skillsets and people, and setting up the right environment for them to thrive. When not working in teams you'll find Amelia cooking in her kitchen in the countryside of Victoria.

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For those leading design.

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